Welcome to the Brahma Kumaris in Calgary

Peace-filled Greetings,

Following the latest government advice about Coronavirus, the Calgary Brahma Kumaris service spaces will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

Although perhaps physically distant for a while, we look forward to remaining spiritually connected by offering our free courses, talks, meditation sessions and other activities online through various channels, as much as possible. And of course, there is the connection of support from the heart.

In the current atmosphere of anxiety and panic, it is very important for each one of us to take care of ourselves and others not just physically but also ‘on the inside’. Giving time each day to ‘upload’ positive and spiritually empowering thoughts into our minds is the best way to help us respond to the current situation.

The DNA of the soul is made of power and love. Nothing can alternate that nucleus that unites us and makes us a family in an unlimited sense. Now, maintaining this consciousness is more vital than ever. Make the first rule of the heart not to support fearful thoughts. Listen to positive things that create such a vibration that your immune defenses and the love you need to face incredible challenges remains high. Find your stability, the sweetness of calm and the power of serenity.


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